What is Apple up to these days?

At yesterday’s Apple event, Tim Cook spoke about the new MacBook, a partnership with HBO and most importantly to most viewers, the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is the future of technology. No longer are devices just carried by users, but worn by the user constantly.

Apple logo

Since the Apple Watch sparked the most buzz, here’s a little more on what you can expect from the device. There are going to be three models of the Apple Watch: the Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. The price range is going to vary from $349 for the Sport to $10,000 for the Apple Watch Edition 18-karat gold version.

Wearable devices have not gone over as well for companies other than Apple. As Fossil, Sonus, eBay and Universal Display released their devices, stocks fell. For Apple, stocks grew 2.5% according to CNBC.


The Features
Several new apps coming: third-party developers have had access to WatchKit tools since November 2014, giving them an upper hand on integrating application function with real world activity. Apple claims that the watch has an 18-hour battery life. The device user can become a medical test subject with ReasearchKit, a framework made to advance medical research. ResearchKit will have apps targeted at several diseases like breast cancer and Parkinson’s. According to Apple’s website, the watch is a precise timepiece, a new way to stay in touch and a smarter way to look at fitness.

The release date for Apple Watch is April 24, 2015.
Preorders begin on April 10, 2015.