Antivirus alone is NOT enough protection for today’s sophisticated threats. 90% of all businesses suffered computer cyberattacks over the past 12 months. The cost of dealing with these attacks has skyrocketed to $20,752 per attack, up from $8,699 two years ago, “says the National Small Business Association in its 2014 Year-End Economic Report.” The report goes on to say, “Cyberattacks are taking more time to resolve today as well, with one-in-three saying it took three days or more to resolve.”

Data Breach









Obviously, the research indicates no business is too small for cyber attackers. Attackers to your business are using sophisticated techniques like spear-phishing and as a result antivirus software along is not enough protection for your business. Our recommendation is that your Information Technology (IT) team has a strategy to mitigate the risks and communicates the strategy and actions regularly. An experienced IT team will implement the appropriate technologies and processes to help protect your business. A well implemented technology strategy is the best way to avoid being a statistic.

BlackInk IT helps businesses mitigate the risks with our managed services solutions. We assist clients with technology services and solutions that touch on the example list of best practices below:

  • Email anti-spam click protect
  • Managed firewall perimeter defenses with advanced security subscriptions
    1. Web filtering
    2. Malware
    3. Data trend analysis
  • Managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Managed devices with antivirus, malware, patch management, and monitoring
  • Managed servers with antivirus, patch management, and monitoring
  • Managed backup and disaster recovery
  • Risk assessments and audits
  • Remediation response; IT professionals that have the training, skills and tools required to effectively isolate and cleanup the infected device.

Do you have a technology strategy to mitigate security risks?