When did you first start at BlackInk IT?
August, 2017
Why did you join BlackInk IT?
I was looking for an opportunity to learn and also apply previous experience in a new environment. I picked BlackInk IT because of the culture and atmosphere that the team has created.

What unique experiences and projects have you been involved in at BlackInk IT?
I've been fortunate to work directly with Engineers and Executives on new networking projects, as well as develop new skills in the Virtual/Cloud computing environment.

What is your favorite BlackInk IT perk?
Loaded coffee station and great snacks.

What is unique about BlackInk IT?
The work environment that the BlackInk team has created is always friendly and informative. I never feel as though anyone is too busy or unavailable if I truly have a question. This allows all the team members to develop themselves and further their own technical skills while contributing to achieve a shared goal.

Brief Biography
I started working in IT back in 2012 while in the US Marine Corps. I was stationed in sunny San Diego and specialized in Intelligence Systems administration, SatComm, and networking. After moving back to Indiana in the summer of 2017, I met with Doug and the team at BlackInk and started my professional career in the private sector.