Indianapolis, IN February 5, 2014

BlackInk IT, a leading Indianapolis-based Managed Services IT firm, has just announced the hiring of Doug Allgood to lead its expansion. Several other key hirings have been added in the last several weeks as part of their planned growth and new service offerings. Mr. Allgood will serve as CEO while DJ Ware, founder of BlackInk IT, will become Chairman of the Board and will be primarily responsible for innovation and the development of new products and services.

In his role as Managing Director at Milestone Advisors, Allgood has worked with Ware on an ongoing BlackInk project for CeloNova Biosciences, which has lead to highly collaborative working relationship. “Doug’s knowledge in the areas of technology and operations performance is exceptional, and he brings experience and passion in the areas of strategic profitable growth planning and plan execution,” according to Ware. He added, “I look forward to Doug bringing that same passion to all of our clients and helping to keep them competitive in today’s increasingly complex world. Doug has a great business and technical background that will now allow us to offer clients expanded services as well including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Outsorced CIO services.”

Besides Doug’s Advisory role at Milestone Advisors where he worked with numerous small and mid-sized clients in the areas of developing and executing business plans and strategies, designing management systems, managing product portfolios and helping to acquire and integrate businesses, Doug has served as VP at two Fortune 500 companies, and was the VP of New Products and Services at Ontario Systems responsible for new technology architecture.

Mr. Allgood perceives his role as a disciple of embracing adaptable differentiation. Quoting a leading industry source, Forrester Research, Allgood stated, “Seventy percent of the companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list a mere 10 years ago have now vanished – unable to adopt to change. Businesses must be prepared to embrace change or go out of business.” Allgood added, “Business agility will become just as important as sustaining long-term competitive advantage. Having the capability to not only understand agility but to execute as it applies to process dimensions, will be critical.”

About BlackInk IT

Founded in 1993, BlackInk IT is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. BlackInk IT is known as a leader in solving complex business problems using a suite of IT services including Managed IT Services, Consultation, and Business Application Services that allow our customers to focus on running their core business. Leveraging best-in-class technology, experience and insight to deliver business strategies and efficiencies, BlackInk IT tailors their solutions to meet each client’s unique business and technical needs. A pioneer in Managed Services, BlackInk IT currently serves small to mid-sized professional service firms in the Midwest including accounting, life science, legal, professional services, government, education, insurance and healthcare. For more information about BlackInk IT, visit