Where is the smartphone industry heading? Some will tell you that smartphones are headed in a completely new direction involving circles, instead of the hard lines and rectangles. Rectangular technology has been around for years. Think about TVs and computers, the devices all have rectangular screens.

SmartphonesWhat most people don’t realize, is that altering the shape of a viewing frame can produce vastly different effects for the human eye. That’s why Monohm, a technology company out of Berkley, CA, is work to develop the Runcible. Monohm tells us that, “Runcible is a new category of personal electronic which occupies a space between a traditional mobile phone and a wearable device.” The new product would help people create a smoother relationship between a mobile device and wearable device. Monohm has deemed this “a more civilized relationship with your digital life.”

Runcible is based on a Firefox OS. An app store will have a select amount of apps to choose from, but you should not expect the volume that we are used to with iOS, Android and Microsoft phones. There will be useful features that come with the device. For example, mapping will be done in a more non-traditional way- the proposed routes will be the “most interesting route,” not necessarily the fastest or shortest distance.

The Runcible is said to be a solution for the people who do not have the hyper-attachment to their mobile device. I doubt this device, or anything similar, will take over the market, but I do think there is a place for a less dependent device. The Runcible will be less distracting and intrusive in the user’s life.

If you are a detached free thinker, then the Runcible is the device for you.