When did you start at BlackInk IT?
June, 2016

Why did you join BlackInk IT?
I joined BlackInk IT after a 23-year stint with another IT organization as a Senior System Analyst. I felt I would be able to use my customer service skills, and years of hardware, OS, & application experience to the best use.

What unique experiences and projects have you been involved in at BlackInk IT?
Working to develop a Training & Mentoring program for our new Techs & Analysts

What is your favorite BlackInk IT perk?
My favorite perk(s) at BlackInk are
1st, Our offices and the views of downtown.
2nd The opportunities that exist within the company for training and job growth.
3rd The others I work with, one of the best group of people I’ve ever worked with

What is unique about BlackInk IT?
BlackInk is unique in the way if partners with its employees and our customers. Working closely with our customers makes a lasting partnership.

Brief Biography
Started in the Mainframe & Office automation systems with Wang Laboratories in 1982. Have only worked for 4 companies in 36 years. I enjoy the customer service aspect as much as the actual service/repair of systems.