When did you start at BlackInk IT?
January 2017

Why did you join BlackInk IT?
To get the opportunity to work more closely with clients and develop relationships greater than just their business needs.

What unique experiences and projects have you been involved in at BlackInk IT?
I've been lucky enough to be a part of the onboarding process for some new clients. This is always a fantastic opportunity as with these initial engagements you set the tone and opinions of BlackInk IT.

What is your favorite BlackInk IT perk?
Having the opportunity to go on-site with clients and be more than just a voice behind the phone but a representative of the company.

What is unique about BlackInk IT?
The people, I've worked at more than a few different IT organizations but the people that work at BlackInk make it so everyday is a unique and fun experience.

Brief Biography
After graduating from Logansport High School I moved to Indianapolis to go to college. While I was in college I worked at Fry's electronics in the service department which gave me my first taste of what working in the IT field could be like. After graduating college I went on to work in the IT department for Carmel Clay School Corporation. Coming from a family of teachers, a school system is where I thought I would be for awhile but the rate I was hoping to grow was not matched by the opportunities available in a school corporation. So I jumped at the opportunity to start working for Bray Technologies. My technical knowledge quickly grew, but being just reactionary and not having the opportunity to work with clients as often as I'd like, I started considering other opportunities. BlackInk IT has given a good balance of developing technical experience while still flexing some "people skills" muscle. My hope is to continue to grow with the company and become an integral part of the team.