Leverage the knowledge, skills and resources of our experienced IT professionals to partner in supporting and leveraging technology to provide solutions that align with technology needs.


Administrative and engineering support manages and monitors services, identifies issues and minimizes interruptions while using best practices to optimize performance.

Technology Planning

Use appropriate industry insight and methods to research and develop a strategic plan for your IT environment to enable maximized success and business continuity.


A basic disaster recovery plan is created and software updates are installed to ensure security. Regular onsite and remote backups can provide rapid recovery of lost information.


Custom solutions are designed, implemented and managed for monitoring, administration and engineering support for servers, routers, switches, firewall and wireless devices.


A dedicated perimeter firewall protects against viruses, malware, hackers and spam while enforcing restrictions that protect your organization’s assets and enables company security policies.

Vendor Management

Manage the agreements with third-party service providers and applications to identify and report issues for diagnosis and resolution. Examples: internet, copier, telecommunications.


Office productivity application support is provided that enables users to achieve the greatest benefit from software license investments made by your company.

Workstations & Devices

Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are managed and supported under best practices to provide more reliability for users


Many aspects of the organization’s IT system are reviewed, documented and evaluated. Systems are mapped out to BlackInk IT’s best practices model (BPM) and a plan is developed to bring the most value and benefit for the client.


Technology plans are created, designs completed, and implementations performed. Additional technology enhancements are deployed as new needs are identified. The client now has a more reliable, secure and recoverable IT system.


As activation is completed, BlackInk IT works with customers to continuously reviews and updates the infrastructure as needed. BlackInk IT works to constantly increase productivity and efficiency, solve arising issues and refine processes.