For the Business Executive

BlackInk IT helps businesses achieve the defined business strategies by helping align the business need with the appropriate use of Information Technology (IT). BlackInk helps you translate the business process and strategy into a technology strategy that ensures value to the technology investment. We understand, you never entered business with the notion of becoming an IT expert or problem solver. We also understand that the distraction of an email problem, network failure, obsolete applications and even PC issues becomes a hindrance to effectively making decisions that maintain and grow your core business. With BlackInk IT which represents more than 20 years experience in managed services, you trust BlackInk to manage the IT solutions customized for your business. A Managed Service relationship with BlackInk IT makes technology what it is supposed to be an enabler to efficiency, productivity and drive profitability.

BlackInk can provide Chief Information Officers or Chief Technology Officer services to support the business with experienced IT professionals who have held the senior IT roles in a variety of industries and business sizes. We can also assist in being an executive coach for the senior IT professional as part of our Managed Services partnership.