Focused on Profitability for Specific Industries

For more than 20 years, BlackInk IT has served as a leading Managed Service IT provider for organizations ranging from 10 to 500+ computer users. Organizations including legal, accounting/financial, architecture/engineering, municipal, education and healthcare/life science have benefited from our fixed-fee managed service model and project services. BlackInk IT's services off clients a viable, low-risk alternative to building and maintaining internal technology infrastructure and staff.

BlackInk IT's role in client-organizations is multi-faceted. From network installation and management, through ongoing technical support, as well as strategic planning, hardware/software procurement and cloud solutions, BlackInk IT provides the IT support needed on a case-by-case basis for a variety of businesses and the following industries:

Professional Services:
For accounting and financial organizations, BlackInk IT allows management and staff to focus on consistent productivity, improved capabilities and upgrades with a focus on building core business. Outsourcing IT management with BlackInk IT means accounting/financial business will run more efficiently with a more stable and reliable infrastructure that reduces security risk.

For legal organizations, time spent not worrying about infrastructure, security and document management means time spent increasing case load to build the firm and in the bottom line. With solutions for compliance as well as document imaging, BlackInk IT is an experienced partner for providing IT solutions to legal practices.

When campus operations and education goals are key concerns, technology shouldn't be. BlackInk IT works with school systems to enhance operational necessities including attendance data and documents, report cards, parent messaging and other student-family communications to storing student data so that it's easily accessible and always secure. Additionally, BlackInk IT provides relevant technology advances to improve user-computer interactivity in learning environments while focusing on cost managed systems solutions that fit within budgets.

Healthcare and Life Science:
For healthcare and life sciences, BlackInk IT assists practices and networks by providing the necessary knowledge and support for infrastructure strategy, implementation and maintenance. BlackInk IT's goal is to help organizations improve performance and evolve processes based on patient needs and industry standards while ensuring that record keeping and security are always compliant and within regulatory standards. This is done while ensuring that function-specific applications are relevant and producing efficiencies and monitoring the network for stability to provide the input/output necessary. All this to increase productivity, performance and profitability to the healthcare/life science organization.