BlackInk IT Cloud Services for Business

BlackInk IT offers Cloud services to customers wishing to remain agile and relevant without the expenses of hardware and software acquisitions to do so in-house. The demand for technological infrastructure resources is constantly changing, not only as businesses evolve, but as technology evolves as well.

BlackInk IT's Cloud offering enables customers to keep up with their infrastructure needs on a pay-per-use basis utilizing virtual on-demand services which can more easily be adapted and accessed based on a particular organization's needs. With Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based alternatives, BlackInk IT's Cloud delivers lower costs related to equipment, software, real estate and even electricity. Not to mention the internal IT support necessary to maintain an in-house infrastructure model.

Security can be improved by utilizing a centralized cloud service based on devoted resources that address security issues. This responsibility would otherwise fall upon the responsibility of the business with an in-house model.

Improved accessibility from remote devices including laptops, mobile devices and workstations makes BlackInk IT's Cloud service a viable solution for business success.

Contact BlackInk IT to find out how Cloud Service can provide a secure, offsite alternative for:

Server and Storage Solutions
Backup/Disaster Security
Business Continuum
Communication Services (i.e., Exchange Email Messaging, File Sharing, etc.)
Document Management
Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephone Services
Video Conferencing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)