Our History

BlackInk IT was founded in 1993 with a passion for technology and caring for customers. Managing technology for a company requires a team of professionals that understand the unique nature not only of technology, but the specific business. This knowledge allows the team to engineer solutions that ensure results are achieved.

“Black Ink” and the “Octopus” were created to represent two important characteristics that the company lives by profitability and results. These characteristics are the foundation to managing IT with business sense. The black ink represents a philosophy for helping companies be profitable by having the optimal technology strategy, keeping them in the black. The octopus is among the most intelligent of all species, with the eight tentacles representing all of the IT skills, knowledge and attributes required to manage technology for achieving better business results.

Our Culture

BlackInk IT’s mission is to provide superior managed IT operations and infrastructure services that equip small and medium enterprise businesses to achieve their objectives. Because of BlackInk IT’s dedication to excellence, meaningful, long-term relationships with customers have developed over several decades. The Leadership Team at BlackInk IT understands the value of the professionals employed and establishes a high level of customer service for the organization. That’s why there is a large focus on providing the best opportunities for employees and clients to exude excellence through ownership, integrity and respect while being part of the team and advancing themselves, their careers and the organization. BlackInk IT employees are a team of professionals that are passionate about technology. The culture at BlackInk IT transcends all aspects of the organization. The BlackInk Way stems from important values projected internally, to clients and the community.

Our Values

Ownership – commitment to self-responsibility resulting in a willingness to go above and beyond what is expected of you for success.

Ingenuity – the quality of being clever, original and innovative in applying ideas to meet challenges.

Excellence – a dedication to perform well and a desire to complete whatever task is at hand.

Respect – appreciating the value of diverse opinions and developing approaches to varying situations with dignity.

Integrity – the principle of acting with honor and truthfulness in relationships.

Our Leadership

At BlackInk IT, it is believed that leading by example is key to the organization’s success. Leadership is providing effective support and guidance while creating an environment for high productivity and encouraging contributions from employees. Employees work together to foster creative ideas and better solutions for clients and BlackInk IT. BlackInk IT’s Leadership Team works to steer the organization in the right direction. The Team works to connect all aspects of the BlackInk IT and provide the best support for our employees and clients. The Leadership Team values and respects each employee and client associated with BlackInk IT.